Horti Mol 180W LED Panel Full Spectrum (UV,IR)

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Suchen Sie nach einer echten Vollspektrum Lösung für Ihren Indoor-Anbau aber haben ein begrenztes Budget? Entdecken Sie die Hortimol 180W LED Grow-Lampe, die All-in-One-Lösung für kleine Anbauflächen. Diese Lampe wurde speziell entwickelt, um kleine Flächen für bessere Erträge zu beleuchten. Mit der fortschrittlichen Quantum Board-Technologie, integriert in einem Aluminiumreflektor, sorgt diese Lampe für eine außergewöhnliche Lichtverteilung auf Ihre Pflanzen. Neben ihrer hochwertigen Leistung ist diese Lampe mit farbigen IR-Dioden ausgestattet, die für eine reichhaltige Blüte sorgen. Die Zugabe eines separaten UV-Kanals ermöglicht es Ihnen, das Spektrum anzupassen und verschiedene metabolische Komponenten der Pflanzen zu erhöhen. Dies macht die Hortimol QB180A zu einer All-in-One-Lösung in der Welt des Gartenbaus.

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The All-in-One small tent fixture

The Hortimol QB180A Full Spectrum fixture is a low-energy fixture specially developed to light small areas for better yields. In addition to its cutting-edge performance, the addition of far-red IR diodes increases the volume of flowers and its separate UV channel allows you to modify the spectrum to increase the different metabolic components of plants, making it an „all-in-one“ luminaire in the world of horticulture.

  • High-quality Quantum board integrated into an aluminium reflector for exceptional light distribution to plants
  • Addition of IR diodes for abundant flowering. Far red = 730nm
  • Switch for separate addition of UV-B 385nm radiation
  • Ideal for a surface area of 60×60 cm and up to 80×80 cm*.


Full Spectrum Growing with UV and IR: FSG+UV+IR

A full spectrum offering the best of both worlds!

The reputation of the FSG spectrum is well established. Widely used in horticulture, this spectrum has been specially developed to offer the fastest growth while allowing optimum flowering. Its spectral content is strongly oriented towards the blue 450, although it also contains red 660 but in lesser quantities. Here it has been improved by the addition of infrared, far-red and UV diodes.

Thanks to these modifications, the full FSG spectrum mixed with UV and IR will induce more branching and improve flowering. In fact, IR and deep red radiation are strongly recommended to improve the effectiveness of the overall FSG spectrum in the budding phase in order to trigger abundant flowering by increasing the size of the flowers.

What’s more, it has now been scientifically proven that adding UV light at the right time improves the quality and taste of the flowers and increases the content of active substances in the plants.

Strong growth and abundant flowering

Another advantage, but by no means the least, is the natural colour rendering offered by this light. In fact, all the frequency ranges in the wavelength spectrum are present, so you can carry out your diagnostics without having to resort to corrective glasses or auxiliary light. Your plants will have the colour they would have if they were observed under the sun in the middle of its waning phase, so what could be more convenient?

FSG+UV+IR : All-in-One

With our new FSG+UV+IR spectrum, you have even more energy around the red for more abundant flowering without compromising on the quality of growth and rooting. Many hobby growers are keen to master all the phases of cultivation without having to invest in a wide range of expensive equipment. Our team has therefore developed this new spectrum and equipment to meet this demand, and has brilliantly achieved this objective with the QB180A. The addition of a separate UV channel means that we now have a complete tool at the cutting edge of the latest scientific research. The result? An accomplished product at a contained price, with Hortimol’s uncompromising quality!

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Spectrum FSG + UV + IR
Efficiency 2,5 µmol/j
PPF 450 µmol/s
Input voltage 220-230V, 50-60Hz
Input current 0,796A @ 230V
Input power 180W
Footprint 60x60cm, 80x80cm
Light source OSRAM LED
L70 Rating >78000 h
L90 Rating >50000 h
Thermal management Passif
Fixture size 530x380x63mm
Weight 2,98 kg
Degree of protection IP65
Certification ETL, UL8800, CE

* The surfaces are given as an indication for an installation with entirely artificial lighting. The height of the lamp and the light needs of the plants must be taken into account to determine the really usable surface. This can be lower or higher than 40 cm depending on the type of installation and use

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