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The new PhytoMAX grow kits complement your lamp with a combination of the highest quality components. This means you have everything you need to start growing indoors straight away and provide your plants with the best possible care.

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PhytoMAX 4 Growsets

The new PhytoMAX grow kits complement your lamp with a combination of the highest quality components. This means you have everything you need to start growing indoors straight away and provide your plants with the best possible care.

The new premium exhaust air sets from PrimaKlima include a powerful exhaust air fan with a high-quality activated carbon filter and a Combidec exhaust air hose. All other components required for installation are also included in the set.

So that you have everything you need to get started right away, the set also includes a thermo-hygrometer, a timer and environmentally friendly Caluma PotPots.


The set in detail:
  • PhytoMAX-4 LED Growlight: The PhytoMAX-4 lamps are designed for growing crops of the highest quality and quantity. Rather than striving for the highest possible photons per watt, PhytoMAX-4 is designed to achieve the highest yield per watt while maximizing the production of terpenes, pigments and cannabinoids. The lamps can be dimmed from 15%-100% using industry-standard 0-10V dimming controllers

The Phyto-Genesis spectrum has been fine-tuned to not only grow plants, but also to produce more compact, more productive and higher quality flowers, fruits and leaves. Unlike most LED grow lights that use white or white and red LEDs, we use 8 different LED colors to achieve specific plant responses known as photomorphogenesis.

Our spectrum triggers the hormonal response of plants to different light colors and the ratio of these colors to minimize stem growth and maximize flowering and fruiting. Compact, bushier plants are not only easier to work with, but also maximize the yield per square metre.


You can find more information about our PhytoMAX-4 range on the respective product pages or here.

Prima Klima ventilation set: These new, perfectly coordinated ventilation sets from Prima Klima are perfect for your grow tent thanks to their quiet operation. The exhaust air set guarantees optimum conditions for your plants to grow.

The Eco Line activated charcoal filter offers the most effective odor removal at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

The highly efficient tube fans from Prima Klima are equipped with a high-quality motor. The maintenance-free and durable ball bearings guarantee smooth running. The housing is made entirely of polyamide and the connections, the condenser and the control technology are fully integrated in the housing. The temperature control ensures low power consumption as it only runs when it is needed thanks to the temperature sensor.

The sets are also equipped with a high-qualityventilation hose. The set can be assembled quickly and easily with the included connecting sleeve and hose clamp.

The larger sets contain what we believe is currently the best fan in its performance class.


The latest product development from Prima Klima is the WhisperBlower. Working in partnership with ebm-papst Motoren, they have developed a completely new design. Prima Klima has rethought the air flow principle and thus achieved incomparably good measurement results. This professional fan in our proven robust quality is unrivaled in efficiency.
Comparable to a roller coaster ride, the air flow is optimized by the new design in such a way that more pressure is built up than with conventional models with the same high power consumption, and even more quietly. We know what our customers need.

The Caluma thermo-hygrometer allows you to continuously monitor the temperature and humidity and optimize them depending on the cultivation phase and room climate.

Caluma PotPots: Caluma PotPots consist of a waterproof and breathable outer layer of textile fibers and a water-permeable soil surface. The breathable fiber walls provide the roots with an optimum supply of oxygen. The water-permeable bottom also prevents waterlogging.

In normal plastic pots, the roots always come up against the impermeable cover at some point. This allows the roots to grow in circles in search of nutrients. With Caluma PotPots, this can be easily avoided. When the roots grow through the tissue cover, the tips naturally die off and the plant forms new, thin roots. This creates a dense, healthy root network.

Another advantage is the cooling effect of fabric pots. Unlike conventional plastic pots, PotPots do not store heat, so the roots of your plants stay cool even at high outside temperatures. In addition, each pot has a small holder to which you can attach a hose for the hydro system or a label with the plant variety.

The Caluma PotPots are suitable for soil, coconut and drip irrigation hydro systems. Our PotPots are made from environmentally friendly, recycled materials!

Timer: The timer gives you optimum and uncomplicated control over your lighting times. It is always a reliable partner for each of your grow cycles.

You can find more detailed technical data in the data sheets.

If you have any questions about our grow tents, please feel free to contact us.

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60cm x 60cm, 80cm x 80cm, 100cm x 100cm, 120cm x 120cm, 150cm x 150cm


PM4-2S 125 W, PM4-4s 250W, PM4-8S 500W, PM4-12S 750W, PM4-16S 1000W, PM4-20S 1250W, PM4-24S 1500W