Shipping methods

Shipping costs

Shipping within Germany is free of charge from an invoice amount of 50 € – below an invoice amount of 50 € shipping costs 3.50 €.

For all other EU countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway, shipping is free of charge from an invoice amount of €150 – for orders under €150 we charge a flat-rate shipping fee as shown in the table below.

Cash on delivery charges

If you wish to pay cash on delivery within Germany, shipping costs €7.90.

For all other countries there is a cash on delivery charge of €18.50.

We have also indicated the respective maximum cash on delivery amounts/day in the following table. If you want to pay cash on delivery but your order exceeds the maximum amount, please contact us and we will find a solution together, e.g. split your delivery into several shipments.

Payment by cash on delivery is only possible in cash!

CountryShipping costsMaximum cash on delivery amount/day
Germany3,50 €4.000,00 €
Belgium7,50 €4.000,00 €
Denmark7,50 €4.000,00 €
France7,50 €750,00 €
Luxembourg7,50 €4.000,00 €
Netherlands7,50 €4.000,00 €
Austria7,50 €3.500,00 €
Poland7,50 €4.480,00 €
Czech republic7,50 €4.000,00 €
Croatia10,00 €4.000,00 €
Slovak Republic10,00 €4.000,00 €
Slovenia10,00 €4.000,00 €
Finland10,00 €4.000,00 €
Great Britain15,00 €4.000,00 €
Italy10,00 €3.000,00 €
Monaco10,00 €Cash on delivery not possible
Sweden10,00 €SEK 3,000.00
Bulgaria12,50 €4.000,00 €
Estonia12,50 €4.000,00 €
Latvia12,50 €4.000,00 €
Lithuania12,50 €4.000,00 €
Romania12,50 €private individuals only € 2,000.00
Hungary12,50 €4.000,00 €
Greece15,00 €private individuals only € 1,500.00
Ireland15,00 €4.000,00 €
Portugal15,00 €4.000,00 €
Spain15,00 €2.499,00 €
Liechtenstein20,00 €4.000,00 €
Norway20,00 €4.000,00 €
Switzerland20,00 €4.000,00 €
San Marino20,00 €Cash on delivery not possible
Andorra20,00 €Cash on delivery not possible
Cyprus13,50 €4.000,00 €
Iceland13,50 €Cash on delivery not possible
Malta13,50 €4.000,00 €
Bosnia and Herzegovina13,50 €Cash on delivery not possible

Please note that additional customs duties/import taxes may apply when shipping to Switzerland or Norway, which you must pay. European overseas territories cannot be supplied unless a special agreement has been made. If you would like us to deliver to another European country that is not listed above, please contact us at:

Processing your order

Once your order has been accepted and we have received your payment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Please check all details, especially the delivery address. If any information is incorrect, please contact us immediately by email. If the goods are shipped, we will send you an e-mail; this e-mail will contain information about the shipping service provider commissioned, the expected delivery date and a tracking number. Please make sure that someone is at the delivery address on the expected delivery date to receive the goods. If your goods do not arrive on the scheduled delivery date and you are unable to track your delivery and the carrier is unable to help you, please contact us and we will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Goods no longer in stock

Although we try to keep our stock up to date, exceptional circumstances may mean that a product is no longer in stock. If this is the case, you will be informed by email. We will then let you know when the goods are expected to be available again. You then have the following options:

  1. We ship the part of the order that is currently still in stock and send the remaining goods as soon as they are available again. There are no extra costs for this second delivery.
  2. We wait with the delivery of your order until the ordered goods are back in stock to then send the entire goods in one shipment.
  3. We ship the part of the order that is currently still in stock and cancel the part of the order that is no longer in stock. The money for the unavailable goods will then be transferred back to you.
  4. Cancellation of the entire order

Once we have contacted you by email, we will hold your shipment until you reply and provide instructions. If you have not sent us an instruction regarding your order after three (3) working days, option 1 (see above) will be initiated on the fourth (4th) working day.