The PLS services at a glance


With 8 years of consulting experience in production horticulture and commercial cannabis production (e.g. USA, Canada, Italy), we offer comprehensive expertise to provide you with individual and highly competent advice. Thanks to our close cooperation with universities and research institutes, we are always at the cutting edge of research and develop innovative solutions for the highly individual requirements of our customers in plant production.

CSC and Cannabis Consulting

Through an exclusive partnership with BlackDogLed USA, PLS has played a key role in the design, construction and operation of a large number of commercial cannabis production facilities (USA, Canada) since 2016. This collaboration enabled us to gain extensive experience and successfully contribute our expertise, particularly in the area of plant lighting. Over the past 8 years we have gained significant knowledge in the field of commercial cannabis production and look forward to sharing this knowledge with the emerging cannabis social clubs .

Custom Light Maps:

With our in-house developed light modeling software, we guarantee you the optimum light intensity on every square centimeter of your growing area – even down to every cubic centimeter from top to bottom. In addition, we have the necessary expertise and many years of experience to recommend customized lighting solutions for your specific requirements, regardless of the type of your cultivation products.


We have been developing and producing software-controlled multi-channel LED light sources for research applications for 8 years. Our main focus is on plant illumination, in particular the optimization of photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis and the manipulation of photoreceptors. Although we consider ourselves experts in plant lighting, we have also developed a variety of hyperspectral light sources for other research areas in the past. We specialize in the development of software-controlled multi-channel LED light sources in the wavelength range from 300 to 1200 nm with any desired output


Our spectroscopy enables precise determination of the current spectral production conditions. We measure the light spectrum acting on your plants far beyond the PAR range to gain a comprehensive understanding of the light spectrum and its effects on plant growth.

Prototype construction

Our prototyping department designs and develops innovative multi-channel LED light sources for you, tailored to your requirements and problems. We specialize in the development of software-controlled multi-channel LED light sources in the wavelength range from 300 to 1200 nm.

Research and development:

In publicly and privately funded research projects, we develop and research innovative LED-based hyperspectral lighting concepts for a wide range of applications in biology, botany and agricultural sciences in collaboration with renowned research institutions.

Spectral research: Optimization of photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis

Since 2016, PLS has been developing methods for optimizing “personalized ideal spectra” (as part of the EXIST project) for various plant species in order to determine them as quickly and precisely as possible. These “ideal spectra” are optimized with regard to the maximum photosynthesis rate and then adjusted in consultation with the producer to ensure a compromise between maximum photosynthesis rate and ideal morphogenesis of the end product.

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