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The Caluma complete set offers you everything you need to grow your plants. And all this in the best quality and at an unbeatable price.

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The Caluma sets make it as easy as possible for you to get started with indoor cultivation. The sets are named after the number of plants that can be accommodated in each tent. There are also two variants for each tent size. One, with a slightly weaker Caluma Force LED, the other variant contains the next most powerful lamp.


About the components:

Caluma LED Force

The LED boards are delivered pre-assembled. For you, Plug&Play means zero effort and uncomplicated installation:
Unboxing → Connect the driver → Plug into the socket and off you go!

The spectrum of the Caluma LED Force lamps has been designed to guarantee the highest possible yields. It has been perfectly adapted to the needs of the plant during both the growth and flowering phases. It not only offers high efficiency, but also healthy plant growth. This will give your plants more compact growth, healthy leaf development, stable stems and better rooting. The peak at 660nm also achieves particularly good results in the flowering phase.

Caluma Skin tents

This range of grow tents is perfectly tailored to the needs of both hobby gardeners and professionals. The bright light from your lamp as well as the pleasant plant fragrance are safely enclosed by the lightweight and airtight Mylar material. The inner coating of the tent is highly reflective to further enhance the effect of the lamps and maximize the light output. A protective film on the floor protects against watering accidents All tents use the tried and tested Mylar 210D fabric and 16 mm metal poles.

Caluma thermo-hygrometer

The thermo-hygrometer allows you to continuously monitor the temperature and humidity and optimize them depending on the cultivation phase and room climate.

Caluma activated charcoal filter

To eliminate the odor in your tent as effectively as possible, the use of an activated carbon filter is essential. Air filtration is ensured by the high-quality CTC80 – a powerful layer of 3 mm activated carbon.

Caluma mini axial fan

The Caluma Mini axial fan impresses with its high-quality workmanship and durability. The axial fan from Caluma is one of the quietest tube fans of its kind and is easily connected to a Caluma activated carbon filter using a Caluma connection sleeve thanks to its 100 mm opening.

Caluma Combi Connect

Flexible duct made of aluminum and plastic for air regulation and ventilation of indoor installations.

Caluma Clip Fan

The clip fan fits easily into any grow box. It is simply attached to the poles of your grow tent using a clip. The generous cable length enables easy installation.

Caluma PotPots

Caluma PotPots consist of a waterproof and breathable outer layer of textile fibers and a water-permeable soil surface. The breathable fiber walls provide the roots with an optimal supply of oxygen. The water-permeable bottom also prevents waterlogging.

In normal plastic pots, the roots always come up against the impermeable cover at some point. This allows the roots to grow in circles in search of nutrients. With Caluma PotPots, this can be easily avoided. When the roots grow through the tissue cover, the tips naturally die off and the plant forms new, thin roots. This creates a dense, healthy root network.

Another advantage is the cooling effect of fabric pots. Unlike conventional plastic pots, PotPots do not store heat, so the roots of your plants stay cool even at high outside temperatures. In addition, each pot has a small holder to which you can attach a hose for the hydro system or a label with the plant variety.

The Caluma PotPots are suitable for soil, coconut and drip irrigation hydro systems. Our PotPots are made from environmentally friendly, recycled materials!


The timer gives you optimum and uncomplicated control over your lighting times. It is always a reliable partner for each of your grow cycles.

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