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The sets contain everything needed for the corresponding cultivation area for lighting with SANlight.

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The SANlight EVO Sets 1.5 are the perfect solution for successful indoor cultivation. They are ideally suited for grow boxes and greenhouses in the corresponding cultivation areas.

  • PMMA secondary optics ensure maximum illumination with minimal losses due to stray light
  • Latest full spectrum LED chips
  • Passive cooling ensures the coolest LED chip temperatures
  • Flexible and expandable
  • IP65 protection makes the EVO lights dustproof and waterproof

Plant lighting at the highest level
Evolutionary and forward-looking are the attributes that describe the new EVO series. The development of the EVO series has taken some time, which is now paying off. The 3 power classes, each with 3 different lengths, enable every grower to illuminate the cultivation area optimally. The asymmetrical secondary optics in combination with the perfectly coordinated geometric dimensions of the luminaires ensure above-average homogeneity.

The Lightengine delivers a market-leading 3µmol/J.
To achieve this, SANlight relies on the patented WICOP technology from LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor in combination with the well-known Osram UX3 technology. As in the past, SANlight remains true to its very high quality standards. This means that only 10% of the light output is degraded over a service life of 90,000 hours. The protective secondary optics, which are easy to clean, guarantee that the LEDs do not lose their luminosity due to chemicals and soiling.

Cables and connectors are the same as for the Q series.
Magnetic dimmer is series-specific and not compatible!

Note: Many customers ask us why a red LED chip per EVO module looks as if it is defective. The explanation is actually quite simple – the human eye barely perceives wavelengths between 701nm and 750nm.

Features of the EVO Series 1.5 in detail:

PMMA secondary optics
The secondary optics, which are perfectly matched to the luminaire, direct the light towards the plants and provide
for uniform light distribution in your cultivation area. In addition, the optics reduce the losses caused by
scattered light and protects the LEDs from dirt and chemicals.

Most efficient LEDs
SANlight has combined the best of two worlds for the EVO series. While the Osram UX3 High
Power technology is unbeaten in the production of red light, the Korean
company Seoul Semiconductor has developed the most efficient white LEDs available on the market.
In the EVO series, these LEDs are combined to create a perfect light spectrum with extraordinary light intensity.

Passive cooling
The disproportionate heat sink ensures the coolest LED chip temperatures. This has a positive effect
on the light output and the service life of the luminaire. Even with heavy soiling
the heart of your EVO luminaire cool and efficient.

Easy Tilt System
Thanks to the Easy Tilting System, the luminaire can be tilted horizontally or at an angle, depending on requirements.
be hung. When used in grow boxes, it usually makes sense to tilt the lights slightly.
(11°) can be hung. The angled positioning, in combination with our secondary optics, then provides
for homogeneous and diffuse light distribution in the plant room. In large and open rooms, the
Losses to non-planted areas due to suspension from the outermost eyelet (17° inclination)
of the luminaire) of the suspension bracket can be minimized.

Flexible and expandable
Each luminaire in the EVO series has a 0-10V interface that can be connected to different types of
dimmings can be connected. You have the choice between the SANlight magnetic
dimmer, the SANlight Bluetooth dimmer or you can dim your EVO via an external control unit.
The appropriate adapter cables are available from us on request.

IP65 protection against water jets and dust
All luminaires in the EVO series comply with the IP65 protection class: water jets and dust can
do not harm the EVO luminaire. In addition, the individual light modules of the EVO series are herme-
tically sealed off from the outside world. This is the only way to ensure that the sensitive mid-power LEDs are sufficient
against chemicals used for cleaning or pest control, for example,
protected. The connectors used also comply with the IP65 protection class. You must
Do not worry that the combination of moisture and electricity will have negative consequences.


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